By Muambo Edward 

Football Writer, – Cameroon

French football legend and current Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is popularly known as Zizou.

His former coach at Bordeaux Rolland Courbis has finally revealed the origin of the popular nickname.

Zidane joined Bordeaux from AS Cannes in the early 90s, and the then coach of Bordeaux was a certain Rolland Courbis.

Courbis was eager to get an affectionate nickname for Zidane.

“We signed Zizou, who was at that time Known as Zinedine Zidane, with the surname of Yazid. I found every syllable of his name disturbing to the ears. In the first training sessions I was calling him Ziz. And then in an exchange of passes, I heard Jean-François Daniel call him Zizou. Paf, that sounded perfect to my ears! I told myself that’s his nickname. I found that more affectionate than Yazid or Zinedine (…) I think everyone must have realized that it was nice for us to nickname him Zizou. Again he loved it himself. I did not know that the nickname will stick with him,” Rolland Courbis told RMC.

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