Eta keeping Goal for Best Stars in a pre-season game

Former Student of GHS Motombolombo,Eyong Eta Belkish is the next great talent that has joined Best Stars Academy. Eta will start his Football Journey in the talent grooming Best Stars Football Academy of Limbe when the new season begins this Friday.

Eyong ETA

The Young lad has been scouted and taken to Limbe by the Best Stars Academy and he could make his debut in the South West Regional League this Friday when Best Stars Academy face city Rivals,LIFCA in their opening League game of the season.

Born at the NA Clinic in Tiko on the 24 of June 2003,the young Lad is looking forward to follow the footsteps of other great young keepers that Best Stars Academy has groomed in it’s 12 years of existence.

Former Cameroon Under 20 Goalkeeper Mohammed Now with top flight side Dragon of Yaounde and Ekoi Manfred current captain of Cameroon’s Under 17 National selection are all the handiworks of the Academy Eta has joined.

Eta in red jersey training with Best Stars Academy

A very humble boy with good distribution skills,very comfortable on the ball and with good reflexes is now in the hands of the famous Coach Djoufack Saturien.

Alot is expected of the young lad when the New Season begins.

Given Eta’s humility, hardworking nature and discipline this could just be his first steps in a long Football Journey.

Angu Lesley

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