By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon


Cameroon first-tier side Yong Sport Academy has started an initiative of giving back to the amateur football clubs in the Southwest region courtesy their fans club president, Mbole Denis.

The club has taken the decision of sharing a ball each to all Southwest regional league clubs for the big part the region plays in growth of YOSA, when it comes to nursing and exporting young talents to the ranks of the league 1 side.

Buea United football club were the first beneficiaries of this class act on Thursday 10, while doing their preseason preparations.

On receiving the October guest, room was given to mister Denis to pass a message to the players, and voiced out: ” it’s a good show of recognition for what the region is doing to us. We are here to show gratitude beginning with Buea United“.

The Southwest contributes an estimated 30 percent of players who have plied their trade with the 2013 Cameroon cup winners. As a testament to the facts and figures, 11 scouted players went for a final recruitment in Bamenda and 4 were selected – just over a month back.


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