The indomitable lionesses of Cameroon are expected to leave the country this Tuesday May 15, 2019, for Spain where they will continue preparations for the women’s world cup. Cameroon is in Group E and will compete with 2015 host, Canada and European Giants Netherlands and New Zealand.

One of the players to watch out for in the indomitable lionesses squad, is certainly Sky Blue FC’s defender Estelle Laura Johnson. The 30 year old will be making competitive debut for Cameroon, during the world cup in France. After the Lionesses farewell game in yaounde, she disclosed that their objectives is to go further than what the Lionesses did in Canada 2015. “I just want to have a good performance”, she said. “As a team we just want to perform better than we did in the last World cup. So we have set the standards very high”.

Asked about their group E opponents, she continued ” it’s not going to be easy. Every team in the world cup is gonna be good, so we just have to play the way we know how to play and I think everything will fall into place”.

Estelle Laura Johnson has being camping with her other teammates for one week now, and describes her integration into the squad as amazing. “I wasn’t expecting so much support, but it’s been great. Everyone has been very nice to me, the coaches, players, everybody has been great, so it was awesome, u feel very Happy and honoured to be included”.

The indomitable lionesses will be participating in their second consecutive world cup, after 2015, where they were eliminated at the 8th final, by China.