By Muambo Edward
Football Writer, Cameroon

29 year old renounce Esteghlal fan Sahar Khodayari has died in hospital a week after setting herself on fire outside a courtroom in Tehran.

This happened after she learnt that she might face a six months in prison sentence for trying to enter a football stadium.

Women are forbidden to enter football stadiums in Iran, though they are allowed to watch other team sports like volleyball.

The “Blue girl” as she was known, due to her open support for Esteghlal, died in a hospital in Tehran according to reports from semi-official news agency Shafaghna.

Her death has led to serious outcry in Iran, for a review on the law that forbids women from going to football stadiums to watch matches.

If her death could lead to a change of the law, then Sahar Khodayari will be a happy woman in her grave but if not then she will be another wasted soul for no gain.

May her football loving soul Rest In Peace.

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