Walaa Al-Boushi:Sudanese Sports Minister reacts to social media claims she was recently asssaut by police officers

By: Dar Al-Naeem Abdin
Football Writer, kick442.com-Sudan

The 34-year-old Sudanese Minister
of Youth and Sports, Walaa Al-Boushi, has cleared the air on an incident she was exposed to Saturday in Khartoum minister Walaa Al-Boushi was arrested by a police officer as performed her duties and despite her identification as an official character.

The minister identified herself as one through presentation of documents requested to prove the legal shading of the car windscreen but the police officer didn’t pay her the necessary respect.

According to our findings,the minister was out during the lockdown period because she had it in her schedule to meet some youths in committees resisting the lockdown.

“Last Friday, April 24, I was visiting committees engaged in the fight against the CoronaVirus in the city of Haji Youssef in Khartoum, and getting to know the problems they face, provide masks and sterilizers”:The minister confirmed our findings.

The minister held a meeting was held with the coordinator of resistance and neighborhood committees in East Nile on the same issues and problems, and also provided them with masks and sterilizers.

The Minister added: On my way, I encountered a group of young people playing football in the Moroccan Square with Haj Youssef. We really stopped and went to them directly and spoke to them very naturally and received me kindly. I asked them to stop playing football and training these days due to the CoronaVirus pandemic and to follow the necessary precautions.

Walaa Al-Boushi confirmed social media reports on how a police officer stopped her car and but denied being arrested as reported on social media.

According to her the police officer stopped her car and asked the driver for the vehicle’s papers, the permit to ply the road, which bears her name and in her capacity as “Walaa Al-Boushi the Minister of Youth and Sports” plus the number plate of the car, with the signature of the commander of the military region and the authentication of the windscreen of the car, the driver replied to him that the vehicle was constitutional. Despite the driver’s response the police officer insisted on stopping them, but he did not deal properly and with the spirit of the law.

And she added, “We were stopped, while other cars drove pass the same checkpoint with their windows were shaded, and even some of them were carrying non-Sudanese plates. We were kept on the same spot for a long period of time and prevented us from moving.”

The Minister of Youth and Sports said, she contacted the Council of Ministers that communicated with the Minister of the Interior, and the officers who gave instructions to allow us pass, which is what happened, it had nothing to do with his arrest or so.

Minister Al-Boushi was appointed last
year after the revolution of change in Sudan. where Al-Boushi’s loyalty was greatly endorsed by the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change to be present strongly within the Cabinet of Government
Transition after its formation.

A graduate from the department of Engineering, University of Khartoum, which is one of the oldest Sudanese universities minister Al-Boushi is considered one of the most active in the country. It is therefore baffling how police officers couldn’t identify her.

The Sudanese authorities announced, a comprehensive ban that began from last week, to combat the outbreak of the CoronaVirus.Citizens are allowed to ply the road in each state from six in the morning until one in the afternoon only with the exception of those who have a permit.

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