Cameroon is current champion of Africa

Cameroon’s Senior Men’s and Women’s Volleyball teams have been drawn against Italy in the upcoming intercontinental Volleyball tournament to take place in August.

Though the host Nation of the tournament which will also serve as the qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games is Still to be decided,Cameroon at least know their different opponents in the group stage of the competition.

The draws for the competition have placed the Cameroon Women’s Volleyball team in a group where they will face Italy, Azerbaijan and Dominican Republic while their male counterparts have a tougher task in a group with Italy,Serbia and Australia.

Cameroon’s Women’s team are the current champion of Africa,Both Camerooonian teams were at their different world cups last year and a qualification for Tokyo through this tournament will only add more proves to show this federation is on a good footing.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter