By Angu Lesley
Football Writer, Cameroon.

Vision Sport FC’s architect behind the 2019 National Inter-pools competition Cleris Akwi Ngeh has told that she expects a tougher competition next year in League 1 but she is ready to work double to overcome.

Speaking after Vision Sport’s second victory and assurance on promotion into the league 1 competition;
“I know it’s going to be tougher next season, it’s a bigger competition. Personally, I am going to double my work rate to meet the demands of League 1”  Ngeh stated.

Ngeh and her generation will be Northwest Region’s flag bearers at the national League 1 championship next season.

It is the first time in years that the Region will be represented by its own club at the national Women’s first Division championship.

Next term Vision Sport FC will be in the same competition with the likes of Louves Minproff, AS FAP, AWA Filles amongst other great clubs in the Women’s game on the land.

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