Union Sportive Douala Starting XI against PWD


Love Kestelot wins first game after losing 3 in a spin.

Book makers and football writers had absolutely every right to tip Love Kestelot as the next gaffer to be sacked, but the head coach of USD has bought himself some time and trust with the 3-0 win over Colombe, ending and era of 11 months 24 days for the away side’s first defeat in the Elite 1.

Talking with kick442.com the brain behind the victory was filled with delight “we feel very happy because we really prepared the victory psychologically. We have been facing a lot of crisis, and the victory just comes to appease our minds.”

The President gives us enough support so we feel happy for him too, because he gives us much support to see that we succeed”.

The gaffer reacted to the sudden feel for goals by his team after scoring one in their previous 3 “we created chances in most games,
but were not able to concretize them_so we just laid emphasis on that because we could carry the day in Bamenda if we scored our 3 chances during the first half. We simple ameliorated our finishing”.

The win puts USD in the driver’s sit with other results elsewhere in the country favouring them.