Coach Daniel Wolidjom is the caretaker of the technical bench after head coach, Love Kestelot traveled and is set to miss chunks of the relegation playoffs due to his trip to Brazil.

Daniel Wolidjom hit the headlines in his team’s 1-0 win against Unisport of Bafang on Wednesday 22nd, after being sent to the stands.

The gafer received warnings from the fourth official on two occasions before he was eventually sent to the stands to watch his team play for the final 27 minutes of the encounter.

Speaking to, the coach said he saw the act as a premeditated one by a group of people “well, I give glory and thanks to God for he is the one who has given us the victory”.

“Seeing everything that they did, I think the hand of God was in it to see us win the game”.

When asked about what transpired in the few minutes before the incident, coach Wolidjom went on: “You cannot have a breakdown where my goalkeeper is down and I go out of my technical area to give instructions to my players-and the referee sends me to the stands whereas it is totally legal”.

The conception that there are hidden hands fighting against the progress of the club was strengthened even by president Happi’s utterance immediately after the pose, “you can see, it is the whole world against us”.

USD beat Unisport of Bafang by 1 goal to nil.

It remains to be seen if the league is going to punish the man sitting in as main coach in the absence of Love Kestelot or vindicate him.