Unisport de Bafang

Joyous scenes sparked for the Unisport faithful, as jersey number 10, Terence Ngakam kept his cool from 6 yards, giving the goal keeper the eye’s to break a barren run of 12 games dating back from last to this season, without scoring.

Unisport of Bafang’s goal against AS Fortuna in round 8 is their first in this campaign, that was the first time the team scored a goal since June 28, 2018 in their 2-1 home win over fellow strugglers last season,Aigle Royal of the Menoua. The club went on a run of over 1100 minutes of football before Terence’s goal on Sunday.

All was set and done for the legendary club, created in 1959 to leave the big time and start all over again, but for the unfortunate incident that occurred to Bamboutos of Mbouda that gave the “flambeau de l’Ouest” a second chance to play football with the country’s very best clubs.

The men of coach, Agbo Hans have found the art of scoring a tough ask, both at home and on their travels, though the back line has been coping exceptionally well, with 5 clean sheets so far in the division, but the club have found it difficult to get 3 points due to their lack of cutting edge.

The club means a great deal to the country’s football, but if nothing is done we might loose the club we already lost last season (a little bit like killing a person and the ghost).

Hopefully the goal gives them the confidence going into their next game against Eding sport of the Lekie.

Giovanni wanneh.