By Angu Lesley 

Sports Writer, Cameroon


Defending champions of Cameroon, UMS of Loum will be without first teamers Nicolas Joel Owono Mbassegue and Cedric Ngah when they face Fovu of Baham this Saturday at the Bafoussam Municipal Stadium.

Both players are out of the match day 13 fixture because, they picked a third yellow card of the season against Bamboutos FC of Mbouda last Monday in Limbe.

Cedric played as a midfielder against Bamboutos FC and scored his side equalizer just before half time against Bamboutos FC.

The midfielder was booked in the second segment of the game just like Owono.

They have not travelled to Bafoussam this Friday.

On a positive not, midfielder and captain Joel Etogue is back in the squad after missing the Day 12 defeat to Bamboutos FC. 

13th place UMS of Loum with 15 points confront host Fovu who are ranked 16th, though just a point inferior to the current Cameroon champions.


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