By Angu Lesley
Football Writer, Cameroon.

Ethiopia had the first offensive action came in the 3rd minutes Asefa Alemanesh registered the first attempt of the game. Her effort from 25 meters out went wide.

Cameroon’s captain Aboudi Onguene will react 2 minutes after with an effort that first appeared as a cross but ended up going slightly off target as both sides presented their attacking intentions on the day with just 5 minutes into the game

Aboudi Onguene in one her trademark runs won a the first corner for Cameroon in a flash but the corner was wasted.

The Ethiopians grew into the game repeatedly slowing down Cameroon’s moves in the attacking third throw fine recovery of possession with their better reading of the game.

Cameroon’s Raissa Feudjio concluded a series of collective pass with a shot off target just before the 20th minutes mark.

Ysis Sonkeng won a 23rd minutes set piece but Aboudi Onguene’s effort from just outside the box was well defended.

Mbengono Catherine was brought down by goalkeeper Beyoro Abayinesh miles off his goal leaving the goalkeeper with a yellow card for his troubles and a good set piece chance for Team Cameroon but yet again the weak execution of the set piece presented no scares for Ethiopia.

Cameroon got a second in the 29th minutes but the set piece was wasted once again as the Lucy’s continuously recorded success in their attempt to frustrate the Lionesses.

A great run from Nchout Njoya Ajara in the 35th minutes from the Cameroon half way line was punchered by an offside call from the referee after Ajara’s decided to pass to Aboudi who was in an off side position.

Cameroon was looking like a shadow of the usual Cameroon team and in the 41st minutes Ajara shot on target was comfortably gathered.

Demise Senaf could have punished Cameroon in the 43rd minutes after she benefitted from a poor pass to shot on target but could only hit the upright.

Second Half.

Coach Alain Djeumfa changed personnel and play style in the second segment bringing in Meyong Menene for Ysis Sonkeng, cgoing with a back 3.

A 50th minute poor pass from Ngo Ndom put Cameroon in difficulties forcing Ejangue to foul pick up a booking.

3 minutes later, a fine pass from Meyong Menene found Aboudi in space but her shot met the side net.

The Ethiopians kept possession in the first 10 minutes of the second half but were mostly in their half with the ball.

Grace Yango could have put Cameroon ahead in the 61st minutes of the game but her effort from about 25 meters out met the cross bar.

Cameroon grew into the game, a fine collective play involving Abam and Aboudi created another missed opportunity for the Lionesses.

Coach Kebebe brought in Birra Etsegenet in place of Asefa Alemanesh in the 67th minutes as the Ethiopians look to add more attacking options knowing the result wasn’t going to help their case for qualification.

Cameroon will again come close as great cross from Falone Mefoumetto in the 68th minutes met the forehead of Aboudi Onguene but her header went wide.

Raissa Feudjio picked up a 70th minute booking and gave away a set piece which was put narrowly wide by Ware Birtukan.

Ethiopia needed Bizo Ayehu’s toe poke to put out a fine Meyong Menene effort.

Meyong came in and improved Cameroon’s game making the Lionesses more daring in the final third.

Aboudi Onguene saw red from an 80th minutes as in a confrontation with Meselu Tesfamariam she appeared to have head head-boot the Ethiopian defender. Meselu was later sent to meet Aboudi out before full time after she saw a second yellow.

At Full time it was a virgin draw but Cameroon sailed through to the next round of the qualification where they will face the DR Congo in a two leg situation.

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