By AFESEH APONG, Cameroon.

The volleyball lionesses of Cameroon have thrashed their Nigerian counterparts 3 sets to zero, in a day two game of the Tokyo 2020 African Women’s volleyball qualifiers, ongoing at the Yaoundé multipurpose sports complex.

Cameroon had the first serve of the game through Koulla Henriette, as Christelle Nana’s block fell out of the court, to hand Nigeria the first point of the game. Christelle would quickly spike a powerful shot to level things, before the volleyball lionesses completely took charge of the game.

Cameroon led 8#2 at the first time out, before some moments of magic from Bikatal Simone Flore, Piata Emelda and Co, put the volleyball lionesses 13#3 up, at the second time out.
More digs, blocks and spikes from Cameroon, saw the lionesses claiming the set 25 to 12 in less than 20 minutes.

At the start of the second set, Cameroon won a free first point, from a poor serve from Nigeria’s Achi Sharon. Though the Nigerians drew it levelled at one point each, the lionesses stepped up their game, and led the 8#1 after just four minutes of the second set.

Lots of poor serves and blocks from Nigeria saw Cameroon extending their lead, as the won the second set 25 to 10, in 19 minutes 26 seconds.

At the start of the third set, Amana was on service three times, as Cameroon won three straight points. Bikatal Simone Flore would also step in with some fine serves, while Fawziya showed great power in her spiking.

The volleyball lionesses demonstrate their supremacy, as they outsmashed Nigeria 25 to 8 in just 17 minutes and 55 seconds.

Nigeria’s captain Okonmah Theresa admitted in the post match press conference that Cameroon was simply a superior side, explaining that her team is largely made up of youngsters, who are in their first major exposure.

Cameroon have therefore won their two games in the competition, after recording a similar 3#0 score over Botswana in the opening game. Christelle Nana and her teammates will face a tougher challenge, when they face old time rivals Kenya, on Tuesday.


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