Three of Cameroonian most celebrated referees Alioum Neant Alioum,Menkouande Evarist and Elvis Noupue are currently taking part in a Video assistant referee formation (VAR),the first of it’s kind in Johannesburg,South Africa.
The three Cameroonian referee were among the 21 referees and 23 assistant selected from 32 African countries by the Confederation of African football,CAF.
According to CAF,the objective of the maiden VAR course is to empower the referee officials with the necessary qualification to conviniently officiate professional matches were VAR is used.
The use of VAR has been applauded for it’s success at the U-20 World cup in Korea and 2018 FIFA cup in Russia,with speculations suggesting VAR will be introduced in Africa.
The use of VAR has been identified as the best way to get rid of match fixing and minor faults in football.
The VAR course which began on the 26th of March,ends on March 30th 2019.
Cameroon and Egypt are the only African countries among the 32 countries with the highest number of participants. They both have 3 referees and assistant attending the events.

Beng Emmanuel