Just few days after the CAF General Assembly meeting in Cairo, Egypt — CAF executive member and Liberian FA president Musa Bility has made some huge claims about the World football governing body (FIFA), plotting a ‘takeover’ at the level of the Confederation of African football (CAF).

Bility, 52 has stated categorically  that he is not in agreement with the so called proposed solution to “CAF’s” problems in a 3 page press statement released on the 21st.

In the first of three pages, Bility opens with:” the series of unfortunate events at CAF over the first few months have brought with them unprecedented negative publicity on the organization and it’s leadership “.

The man born in Nimba County, in the North-eastern region of Liberia explained that in no way did CAF members see a calamity befalling CAF on June 6th 2019, in Paris when Ahmad was arrested by central office for the fight against corruption, financial and fiscal crimes (OCLCIFF) over series of allegations.

Liberia FA boss for 9 years, since 2010 then reiterated that, in an attempt to salvage the situation, FIFA poured on misery with his statements like “FIFA proposed a poor contextualized and worse executed cooperation with CAF to second it’s FIFA Secretary General, Fatma Samoura as the General Delegate to CAF, with a 6 months renewable mandate to take over the reins of the organization “. Bility questions the authenticity of the move, given that the idea itself was hardly welcomed when the Presidents of other confederations met, with especially the UEFA President not in one accord.

Bility thinks Ahmad would have resigned after the troubles “logically in the sane world, the acquiescence by the CAF leadership that they have been unable to manage their own affairs ought to have been followed by quick resignation of it’s top leaders “.

The former FIFA presidential candidate of 2015 accuses stakeholders of protecting Ahmad’s crimes of corruption, sexual harassment and nepotism.

Musa Bility makes mention of the fact that FIFA President, Gianni Infantino has seen the best way to oust Fatma Samoura, FIFA (CEO/SG) from her position in FIFA, to another in CAF – reasons why the 6 months “renewable” is overemphasized in the agreement.

Furthermore, Bility thinks that with all the problems Ahmad has had, there has been some hesitant steps towards it tackling him. He gives an example with the ousting of former vice, mister Kwesi Nyantakyi on videos of corruption, but nobody has acted on the daylight arrest of Ahmad with investigations relating to corruption in France.

President Hassan Bility recalls that he brought a concern to the CAF president a year ago,that funds meant for the Liberian FA was transferred to some funny account known as an art gallery in Poland but in his greatest surprise, after writing numerous emails to the CAF president, he was accused by the same president (Ahmad) before other exco members of conspiring to divert funds to the Polish shell companies. Mister Bility reported the case to FIFA but in his own words, they “uncharacteristically went silent”. It was only after immense pressure from inside-out that it was discovered that huge sums were channeled elsewhere and the culprits were identified, but nothing has been done to them till date.

The man enjoying his second term as the President of the Liberian FA added: “in the light of the foregoing and my personal conviction, CAF risks a complete financial meltdown and irreparable reputational damage due to the actions of a few members of it’s top echelons”.

After 3 pages of talking some sense into the heads of football stakeholders, Musa Bility has decided he is officially going to drag everyone affiliated in this crisis to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports) in Lausanne, to make the Cooperation agreement between CAF and FIFA null and void with immediate effect amongst other topics.

Bility finishes his letter, beckoning on CAS to stop what he describes as the ‘hostile takeover’.

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