The game of volleyball stems from the game of mintonette, a sport derived from badminton.

The idea is conceived by a former American YMCA physical education director ,William G. Morgan during the 1895 winter in Holyoke Massachusetts, USA.

Mintonette was designed to be an indoor sport, less rough than basketball, for older members of the YCMA, while still requiring a bit of athletic effort.

The game was played on a court, with a net of 6 ft 6, without any specific number of players.

It is after an exhibition match in 1896 at the YMCA training school, now Springfield college that the sport changed it’s nomenclature to Volleyball

This follows, Alfred Halstead observation. He realised that the game displayed volleying characteristics.

Mintonette then quickly became known as volleyball, originally spelled in two words: ” Volley ball”.

Due to time evolution, rules of the game have changed.

A Volleyball outfit is comprised of six players.

In 1917, the game was changed from requiring 21 points to win to a 15 points win.

Volleyball on the planet is today being managed by the international federation, fédération internationale de volleyball, FIVB founded in 1947.

Since 1919 the game has spread all over the world ,beginning with the US expeditionary force.

Volleyball is very popular in Brazil, Italy and Netherlands and increasing becoming popular in Cameroon especially after coach Jean Rene Akono led Laetitia Moma Bassoko and co to continental glory in 2017 and president, Serge Abouem’s Federation qualified the Men and Women’s senior team to the world cup in 2018.

The game integrated the Olympic program in 1996 but before then it has been a part of the Summer Olympic program both in the men’s and women category since 1964.

The game is on a speedy rise in African and Asian continents lately.

Beach volleyball is one of the newest volleyball genres mostly enjoyed by beach visitors who at times make playing Volleyball an important part of their activities during visits to the beach.

Cameroon is current champion of Africa

This is certainly a discipline to have an eye on in Cameroon as more and more Cameroonians are falling in Love with the game due to the unmatched progress recorded by the federation.

Nkenyi Romeo