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Name: Boris Enow Takang
Date of Birth: March 30, 2000
In: Buea
Position: Defensive midfielder
Club: FC Porto B

You are in FC Porto’s B team, how did the move to Portugal come about?

BET: I can say it’s a dream come true because when I got to EFBC [Brasseries Football Academy] in Douala my dream was to play professional football in Europe.I was selected in the Limbe challenge Geremi Njitap tournament and the Limbe tournament which is always organized by Braseries .I had a very great performance expercially in the Limbe tournament where I was voted as the best player of the tournament.

What are your personal objectives this season with your club?

BET: This season my personal objective really is to have as more matches as possible and to also win the International Premier Cup in England.

It’s not been a smooth ride this season for Vincent Aboubakar who is in the first team. He has at times been with you in the B team, what’s your relationship with him?

BET: Vincent Aboubakar and I have a really good relationship.Its true things have not been good for him this season but that’s football, there are ups and downs. You just need to be strong mentally. Don’t forget he is also from a very serious injury.

What’s the difference in life between playing in Cameroon and now rubbing shoulders with the stars at FC Porto?

BET: It’s two different things playing in Cameroon and in Europe it’s two different systems of football.

Boris Enow Takang in action for FC Porto B

How do you judge the level of the the Portuguese championships?

BET: The portuguese championship is one of the best championships in the world with good players, good coaches and good pitches and football is the most supported sporting discipline in Portugal.

As a Cameroonian footballer do you dream of playing for your national team…

BET: Yes I will like to play for the national team of my country. I think that is the dream of every Cameroonian footballer.

What do you think you must to do to get there?

BET: To arrive there I just need to work hard and decipline myself I believe my God will do it for me.

You must have followed AFCON 2019 in Egypt, what’s your assessment of Cameroon’s performance?

BET: For me Cameroon had an average performance as compared to their performance in 2017.

You are from Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon, do you keep tabs on the evolution of football in the region?

BET: We all believe that football in the region will progress gradually as times goes on.

What do you think could be responsible for the lack of Elite football in the region?

BET: I think things like good fields,good organization etc are some of the things lacking in the South West Region.

Do you keep in touch with your former clubs in Buea?

BET: Yes I played in CYNODEV of buea before going to the Braseries Football Academy and I have friends still playing there, so we talk all the time.

What is your view on the current group of players that make up the Cameroon national team?

BET: The Cameroon national team presently has a good team. All we need is better organization on and off the pitch and the expected results will follow.

What’s your view on the new coach of the Indomitable Lions?

BET: For me the coach is good because the last game Cameroon played they did not concede a goal and they improved defensively compared to their most recent matches.

You are currently on the waiting list of the U-23 team to play the U-23 AFCON, did the call up come like a surprise to you?

BET: Yes it was really a surprise to me because am just 19 and I am on the waiting list of the U23 national team.

What is your relationship with compatriot and teammate Thaddeus Nkeng Fomakwang?

BET: Thaddeus Nkeng is just like a brother to me we were in the Brasseries Football Academy together, slept on the same bed together, and we travelled together to FC Porto.

Do you guys get to discuss about the development of football in Cameroon?

BET: Yes we do discuss about Cameroon football.

How were you guys received by Vincent Aboubakar when arrived at Porto?

BET: Vincent received us well as his younger brothers.

Both of you are always part of the Porto B team for games every weekend but none have you has really nailed a starters’ place, what do you think you need to improve on to get to the top?

BET: We just need to continue working hard and believe in ourselves.

When Aboubakar was dropped to play with you, what was the relationship between the three of you and how did you react to his presence?

BET: It’s was really a good experience playing with Vincent our relationship with him was good. He helped us when we had difficulties by explaining to us what we needed to do.

What are your long-term aspirations as a football?

BET: My aspiration in football is to play at the highest level.

Many very talented players have failed to live up to their potentials and expectations because of their agents either advising them wrongly or prioritizing their financial gains over the players’ career, how do you think this can addressed?

BET: Just to chose the right agent and you as the player you impose your own conditions because you are the one playing not the agent.

Many African players are aspiring to play professional football like you, how do you handle the responsibility and pressure that comes with being a professional player, given that you are just 19?

BET: It’s true many playing in Africa want to play professional football but it’s a gradual process and you need to be focused and surround yourself with right people.

What else can Young aspiring African footballers do to become professional footballers?

BET: My advice to the young footballers out there who want to play professional football is work hard and be disciplined that’s what will lead to success by the Grace of God.

When was the last time you visited Cameroon?

BET: I lastly visited Cameroon in June 2019

Your brother Julius Abgor Takang played professional football notably in Israel has he given you any particular advise?

BET: Yes of course, he has given me some good advice, especially on hard work because he was once a professional footballer.

You are from a family of very talented footballers [Oben, Takor, Tabot, Ayamba, Agbor] who all played Elite football in Cameroon and even the national team for the case of Oben, but never really blossomed in professional football abroad, do you feel that you can make up for that?

BET: By the Grace of God I believe I can go a few steps higher than they did to make them proud.


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