The preferred size of a football field for professional games is 105 by 68 metres with an area of 7.140 square metres. These laws are cited in law 1 of football rules.

A field of play can either be natural or artificial but must be green in colour.

The pitch is principally made of turf(grass ) or artificial turf. This is very practical in developed countries but in Africa most teams still play on dusty grounds.
Original football pitches dimensions were expressed in imperial units but nowadays they are done in metric. The former is till conspicuous in the united kingdom.

A football field is rectangular in nature. The longer sides are called Touch lines while the opposing sides are called Goal lines.

The two touch lines are measured 90 and 120m long and length.
Goal lines are 45 and 90m wide and length.

In international confrontations, Goal lines must be between 64 and 75m wide while Touch lines must be 100 and 110 m long.

Goal posts are placed at the middle of each goal line .The inner edges of goal posts must be 7.32m meanwhile lower edges of crossbar are 2.44metres above ground.

Goal posts and crossbars must be while and made of wood, metal or other approved metal.

Nets are used behind the goal in modern football games though it was not obligatory during the advent soccer.

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