After years of deliberation and thoughts,UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin and co have decided that the away goal rule would finally be reviewed, and if possible, on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 and there is a chance of it being scraped.

Several football fans and coaches cry out on what they consider unfair, as teams leave European competitions due to the away goal rules. Jose Mourinho, Raphael Benitez, and Arsene Wenger amongst a panel of European managers, complained to the football governing body in 2018.

Former manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger spoke out in 2008 on the changes the away goal has brought:” I believe the tactical weight of an away goal has become too important”. “Teams get a 0-0 at home and they’re happy. Instead of having a positive effect, it has been pushed too far for tactically in the modern game. It has the positive effect than it was supposed to have at the start. It favours defending well when you play at home.”

The deputy sectary general, Giorgio Marchetti confirmed “We would open discussions on the rule used to split teams who are level in knockout ties in the champions league and Europa league. “The Coaches think that scoring goals away is not as difficult in the past,” Marchetti told reporters. “They think the rule should be reviewed and that’s what we would do. “They consider the situation in football has changed and the weight of the away goals is not the same as many years ago when the rule was introduced”. The away goal rule came up of 1965, nearly 55 years today, and it was a way of settling level ties. The away goal rule helped to reduce the match replays in Europe, considered very costly.

The Coaches had their last forum in Lyon, the Coaches spoke mainly about the rule.

There has been sour nights in Europe because of this rule; Manchester City against Monaco F.C ended 6-6 in the 2017 season, but Monaco sailed through on the away goal advantage.

The rule is in full force in this year’s knockout face of the champions league, but if the decision doesn’t favour the rule then this may be our last time of witnessing it.

Giovanni Wanneh.