With the AFCON getting to penultimate stage, some coaches who started their journeys in the 24 team tournament as the men at the helm have been sacked, some resigning, while others are still on the edge.

Coach Paul Put has had his neck ‘rolling’ from a contact with the guillotine (Guinea Conakry federation) on July the 15 – and Herve Renard has confirmed quitting the bench of Morocco.

Coach Clarence Seedorf is one of the coaches in the continent that fans are asking for his head (for him to be sacked) due to his strange management skills and lack of professionalism with nothing to show in his 11 and a half months as Cameroon’s coach.

Here are some reasons why Seedorf would eventually be led outside the Lions Den;

10 indicators that Clarence Seedorf will be sacked.

1)Cameroon’s exit from the AFCON in the round of 16 is the worst performance from any Cameroon team that have entered the tournament as defending Champions.

2) Petrus Boumal’s recent outing about of the choices of the Dutch coach showed signs that he has lost control of his dressing room.

3)Seedorf’s illogical choices in the course of picking his AFCON squad were very glaring. Take Jacques Zoua selection ahead of Leandre Tawamba for example or the absence of Franck Kom in the squad.Unfortunately the players he trusted didn’t deliver, an indication that his vision was poor. Cameroon lost in the 16th final mainly because a holding midfielder in Mandjeck Georges was replaced by his colleague who couldn’t do the same job whereas Kom who is arguably more performant than Mandjeck was snubbed. Seedorf opted to bring back Kameni to the Den and he did not help the young group in any way. He told Cameroon press they hated Zoua for no reason but came to Egypt and showed while Zoua should not have been in the squad by leaving him out for almost all the games though Cameroon had problems in the final third.

4) Another fact is that he disagreed with Patrick Kluivert according to the minister of Sports Mr Narcisse Kombi and given that Kluivert has announced he wants to continue his career as a coach head and no longer an assistant.

5) His immeasurable arrogance towards the Cameroon media especially before his departure for the AFCON, history has it that any coach that loses the support of the Cameroon media lost his job within a short time.
Volke Finke, Hugo Broos, Javier Clemente, Paul Leguen are examples.

6) His poor win rate of 33% win in 12 games is unacceptable by Cameroon’s standard.Winning just 4 of 12 games in charge.

7) Clarence Seedorf does not hold the local league in high esteem, a glaring example is the sweeping statements he made prior to the AFCON: ” a player, playing in Cameroon shows he lacks something “. In a nutshell, Seedorf cannot contribute in the development local football.

8) Clarence Seedorf has been at the helm of 3 club’s before managing Cameroon; A.C Milan, Shenzhen, Deportivo La Carunia – all ended in a complete mess, most notably the relegation of Deportivo the the Spanish second-tier. The minister of Sports in a recent outing described his style of play as monotonous and unconvincing

9) Historically Cameroon Coaches who have not returned to Cameroon after a Competitions have gone for good.

10) Clarence Seedorf is not remorseful and fails to accept anything he does wrong. The coach of Dutch origin thinks of himself as ‘mister perfect’.

Putting all these together, time is all needed before Cameroon makes the move. The only doubt is who will he go with given that he disagreed with members of the technical bench according to the minister- it could be said, without a shadow of doubt that the days ahead are bleak for Seedorf.

Angu Lesley