Just like during action sales the services of a young potential Cameroonian footballer Anaelle Tchakounte  is in the market with the tag going, going and may soon be gone if Cameroonian football officials don’t talk her to choosing Cameroon over France.

“Les Blues” U16 junior Women’s team has started calling up the young Cameroonian defender Anaelle Tchakounte just like they did some years ago with Mbock Bathy now an unmovable piece at the back for France.

Born in 2003, Paris FC saw something different in the young defender and have since then assisted in the norturing of young Tchakounte’s talent.

The ever lurking and all luring France football federation have gone ahead to give the 16-year-old defender caps at a youthful age while she continues her growth. She has been pre-selected in a list of 30 to enter camp in clairefontaine (French National Football Center) from Tuesday 20, to Thursday 22.

France is never hesitant to give a player an alternative if he or she is not recognised by country. In 4-5 years ahead Tchakounte would be an absolute gem and it might be a little to late for Cameroon to come in.