Table tennis is played on a flat rectangular table(2,7 metres by 1,5 metres) divided in to two equal courts by a net(15,25cm), fixed across the width at the middle.

A plastic hallow ball weighing 2,7 grams now available in many colours has been used in the game since 1969.

The blade of racket or bat used used to propel the ball is made of wood and it is flat and rigid. It can be made in diverse sizes.

From inception, the game was called *Ping-pong* that is in the 20th century in England.

The notorious ping-pong game changed appellation between 1921 and 22. The comes on the hills of the ping-pong association that is revived after creation in 1902.

Before the the original structure is dismantled in 1905, amateurs of the game had continued practicing it across England and other countries.

The fédération internationale de Tennis was founded in the time it members constituted England, Sweden, Hungary, India, Denmark, Germany Czechoslovakia, Australia and wales.

Since the late 1990’s more than 165 nations across the world have embraced the sports fully.

A table Tennis game is considered won, when a player reaches 11points or wins two points ahead of an opponent ,that is in case both players must have reached 10points each.
The game is rapidly growing in Africa and Cameroon in particular though many are still to believe in the game as they do with the king sports ,football.

Nkenyi Romeo