Kimbi Edwin's Current State

EEMSA Striker Kimbi Edwin is set for a Spell on the sidelines after a very nasty challenge in a Southwest League game on Saturday in Tiko Left the forward with large cuts in the mouth and pains in the teeth.

In a hot tempered game pitting EEMSA Tiko to Mount Cameroon FC of Buea Kimbi attempted to dribbled pass Mutia Jonathan of Mount Cameroon of Buea but without any attempt to play the ball which had already gone away from the two players,Mutia elbowed the forward causing the referee of the game,Ref Foba to send him off.

Kimbi was equally taken off after a lengthy treatment on the pitch. visited the player this Sunday evening,24 hours after the incidence only to realize the player can’t speak as a result of the challenge.

There has been huge criticism of the nature of the challenge from football actors that watch the game at the Tiko Town Green Stadium.

Mahop Patrick of EEMSA was equally sent off in a game played with a very bad sense of aggression but carefully managed by the center referee. EEMSA won by game but most of the fans and the players have been worried by the situation of Kimbi Edwin of EEMSA and Francise Babila of Mount Cameroon. Francise was equally injured in an aerial duel with Mahop.


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