By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

Coach Joseph Mbock Maput of Victoria United held his nerves, despite the temptation to have a real go at the match officials of the game pitting H.O Academy, against his side Victoria United.

H.O Academy triumphed over Victoria United 3-2 on Sunday, January 26 but there was no lack of talking points or controversy as regards two key actions.

In the first five minutes, Victoria United opened scores but the goal was disallowed by the referee who felt the goal keeper was impeded upon. The second was even more disturbing; the ball struck the arm of Ange Esama before his goal but the officials felt it was more of ball to hand.

Talking about his team’s performance post match, the 2017 Cameroon cup semifinalist explained: “my players were playing deep. Towards the end of the first half my players came up aggressive, scored two goals and lost steam in the second half. I realised that they were not too vibrant in the second half. My team relaxed and had confidence overdose that worked against us.”

Coach Mbock Maput went on: “we have to improve on our officiating. The first goal we scored that was disallowed, I approached the referee why the goal was disallowed, and he told me that there’s still time and we should play.”

Mbock Maput of Victoria United

Fans of Victoria United also got into the field of play after the third goal as many of their players gesticulated signs of a hand ball in the build up to HO Academy’s third goal.

It wasn’t without moments of disapproval of decisions on the HO camp. In all the  game ended 3-2 for HO Academy.

Victoria United is trying to reconstruct the side after a dismal campaign last season and from recent performances, the boys of coach Mbock Maput would not be long before looking like the real deal again in the SW.


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