The Cameroon leagues 1 and 2 have come to an end for the 2019 season with ernomous substitutions. Three teams shall be leaving the top flight to make way for three other teams coming from league 2.

New Stars of Douala, Unisport of Bafang and PWD social club of Bamenda are bowing out to be replaced by Bamboutos of Mbouda, Canon Yaounde and Panthère of Ndeh.

The 2019 season was played in two groups unlike the previous seasons thus paving way for playoffs after the regular season in other to determine the relegated teams.


1) PWD
The abakwa boys kick-started the season with a 2-0 home win but what followed was conspicuous losses and ties away and home respectively. The management of PWD reacted to this by substituting coach Jean Baptiste Toguem with Augustine Tchoupo who had as task to maintain the team in division 1.

Though team captain Kongnuy Jude promised that there was not going to be any 2020 league 1 season without PWD, they still found themselves at the relegation line.

This sent PWD to the playoffs that ended them relegated in the 4th position with 7 points.

2) New Stars
New Stars of Douala started the season as an old broom with hopes of maintaining their stay but their aspirations ended in complete failure.

New Stars were one of the big names in 2018 as they ended the season in position 4. They however had a disappointed last playoff game where Fovu of Baham edged them 4-1. This is the nail that coffined them back to league 2.

3) Unisport
Unisport of Bafang is semingly giving every reason to prove that they are not a league 1 team. 2018 ended Unisport in the 16th position slightly surviving relegation. Avoiding such risk was their task in 2019. The irony however comes through as they failed to correct this, an error they will only correct in league 2.

Unisport ended the playoffs at the bottom managing only 1point.


1) Bamboutos
2018 saw Bamboutos of Mbouda finished at the 3th position with 53 points but shocking enough, they were sent to league 2 after commiting some acts that went against the norms and caprices of football.

In league 2, their fighting spirit was alive as they did all they could to return to the first division competition for 2020 season.

2) Canon
Canon of Yaounde have every reason to smile as they count themselves participant in the upcoming league 1 season. Their qualification comes after being absent from the top flight for two consecutive seasons.

3) Panthère
The Ndeh side lastly participated in league 1 in 2016 and will be back in 2020 season after counting themselves lucky and part of the top three in league 2 this season.

Mangek Promise Ngum