The first General Assembly Meeting of Football actors related to FECAFOOT South West has taken place this Saturday at the Mermoz Banquet Hall in Buea.

The event which started with the singing of the National anthem, was a forum for actors in the region to meet and talk about the future of Football in a South West Region whose hunger to see her own in the National League Two Championship is overdue.

With over a Quorum of the expected actors present, salient points that will affect the success of the present executive with the New top Boss of the Regional Federation,President Ndive Thomas stressing the importance of Club presidents working together as a unit to ensure that success is achieved.

A Cross section of South West club presidents

It was agreed that Limbe,Buea,Tiko and Kumba will host League matches.

It was decided that the competition will be organized in Pools from the beginning for the top two clubs to enter a second round robbing tournament to get the best club in the region.

It was decided that Clubs from Meme will be paired to play only clubs in area in the first phase of the Championship with the best from the pool to clash with the rest for obvious reasons.

The different committees created were tabled before the Assembly to make adjustments or adopt the persons in the committee.

Issues of the stipend to be received by officials of the Federation were tabled and thrashed.

The capital phrase of the GA came from president Ndive Thomas,”Elections are over let’s bury our differences and work together for the good of the game and growth of South West Football”.

Emphasis were also laid on the need to work in close collaboration with the media to improve the League’s exposure.

An extra pre-Interpol tournament with 3 or more clubs from other Regions especially Littoral and North west to improve the strength of clubs from these Regions was discussed and agreed by actors.

For the first time in a long time, after the meeting, those this reporter had a little discussion with off microphone discussion with were more focused on the growth of the region’s football and not grievances.

The 23 clubs to participate in the championship includes New promoted; Isohsa and PWD of Kumba from the Fako and Meme respectively.

The full List of clubs include;

1)Prisons FC-Buea

2)Best Stage Academy-Limbe

3)Ajax Lions FC-Likomba

4)Buea United FC-Buea

5)Cinyodev FA-Buea

6) Victoria United-Limbe

7) Continental FA-Buea

8)Little Foot FC-Tiko

9)Kumba Lakers-Kumba

10)Limbe Full Club Association (LIFCA)- Limbe

11)Tiko United-Tiko

12)Trevisio -Kumba

13)Mount Cameroon FC-Buea

14) Future Stars Soccer Academy (FUSSA)-Limbe

15)Eteki Esoh Memorial Sports Academy (EEMSA)-Tiko

16) Catholic University Sports Academy (CUSSA)-Buea

17) Dynamic FC-Buea

18)Bau Manibok FC-Kumba

19)Njalla Quan Sports Academy (NQSA)-Limbe

20) University of Buea FC-Buea

21)Ekona FC-Ekona

22) ISOHSA-Limbe

23)PWD Social club-Kumba

The President Ndive Thomas,Manga Pascal(VP),Nnouck Protus(VP), Sylvester Esowe (SG) and South West club presidents team has started on the the front Foot looking like a dream team within days.It’s only actors wish that Serenity stays through out their era and the dignity South West Football be restored through strong clubs in National competitions which reflects the good old days or at least the strong people of the Region Nowadays.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter