Former URA FC chairman Ali Ssekatawa has made clear his intentions to contest for FUFA presidency | Courtesy photo


Former URA FC chairman Ali Ssekatawa is a likeable fellow, always speaking his mind at any opportunity availed to him like was the case sharing his view on match-fixing.

The renown lawyer who recently announced his FUFA presidency bid while appearing on Sports Arena, a talk show on Record FM revealed match-fixing was one of the top issues he wants to end when he comes to office.

“When I was URA FC chairman, I on several occasions investigated players involved in match-fixing, I’d even use some players as spies to record the ‘match-fixers’ in conversation,” Ssekatawa stated before adding.

“I finally fired the players, led by then captain Oscar Agaba and I handed over all the evidence to FUFA hoping it would help curb the vice but today Agaba still plays football,” he added.

In January 2020, Onduparaka FC appealed to FUFA to look into a match-fixing case involving their players who had been approached to sell matches.

The club CEO Pius Bawenge was summoned by FUFA to state their claim but since then the investigations have gone silent.
Football256 contacted Denis Lukambi, FUFA’s head of legal for a comment but his known mobile numbers went unanswered by press time.

Ssekatawa who emphasized he has an eleven-point program which includes a well set up governance structure made up of mostly former footballers and welfare encouraged FUFA to put up rewards for whistleblowers on match-fixing.

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