The tears of LIFCA’s midfielder Yannick Ako Bareng at the end of their emphatic 6-0 against their Limbe rivals Njalla Quan Sports Academy symbolized the weight of disappointment from this group of players and an entire municipality. Their captain Adolf Sama Tondo was quick to recall his teammates for the post match talk and remind them in the exact words of their president Mr Tchoe Thomas that it was just a game after all and there must be a victor and a vanquished.

They just have to draw the lessons, keep the vision alive and bounce back even stronger next season.

South West Regional league team of the season: Goal keeper Festus Ebere (LIFCA), right back Moki Tambi Franklin (LIFCA), left back Baka Valery (CUSA) central defense pair Foulbe Dirane(Buea United) and Abane Bibish(PWD of Kumba)

Midfielders:Yvan Constant Maty (NQSA) holding midfielder,Ngwa Leonard (Best Stars Academy) second holding midfielder

Wingers: Dion Atonga Junior(NQSA) and Mbongo Clovis (LiFCA)

Front two: Agbor Emmanuel(CINYODEV) and Gwe Beckly (LiFCA)

Substitutes: Bosuet Goerdane Madiba (NQSA), Betrand Takie Nkah (PWD of Kumba), Karlson Bissong Eyong (Continental FA) Stephen Njocke Junior (Continental FA), Mathieu Mvondo(Best Stars),Desmond Lesiga(EEMSA),Afafa Nlend(ISOHSA),Ebokoli Elvis(Kumba Lakers), Ako Bareng(LIFCA)

Coach:Mbounya Lazare

PWD of Kumba will represent Southwest in the 2019 National playoffs.

Composed by technical team