Gwe Beckly Before kick-off of Tiko United Vs LIFCA in March 2019 ( images)

Despite the rich form in front of goal for the likes of Mvondo Mathieu and Iku Prince, Gwe Beckly of LIFCA remains the leading leading scorer with 11 goals this season.

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The classification of the top scorers:

1)Gwe Beckly (LIFCA) 11 Goals

2) Mbous Madiba (NQSA) -6 Goals

3)Afafa Nlend (ISOHSA)-5 Goals

4) Mvondo Mathieu (Best Stars) -5 Goals

5)Agbor Emmanuel (CINYODEV)- 5 Goals

6)Ebokoli Elvis (Kumba Lakers)-5 Goals

7) Njoka Lambert (UBFC)-4 Goals

8) Carlten Sameh Mbolem (Prisons FC)- 4 Goals

9) Graham Mbong Ajebe(CINYODEV)-4 Goals

10) Agbor Arrey Jonathan (EEMSA)-4 Goals

11) Prince Iko(Tiko United)-4 Goals

12) Bertrand Takie Nkah (PWD Kumba)-4 Goals

13) Soh Noel Tata- (NQSA)- 4 Goals

14) Mbongo Clovis (LIFCA) 3 Goals

15) Bekondo Atonga(NQSA)- 3 Goals

16) Diffo Brandon (NQSA)-3 Goals.

17)Midodo Chiani(Victoria United)-3 Goals

18)Mutant Gima Njimbajuh (Ajax Likomba) – 3 Goals

So far the fellows listed above have had a good start to the season and they are nearly guaranteeing more in an already exciting Championship.

Angu Lesley