By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, -Cameroon

The journey of 26 clubs from the onset of the championship in search for a southwest representative is getting to that stage of an action movie where the protagonist must meet the antagonist inorder for one to reign.

The picture is now clear for a club like Future Dreams whose two – nil victory over Treviso gifted them a place at the mini Interpol. Other teams with the advantage after day 6 are LIFCA and Continental FA but in the past years, teams in better positions have slipped, so only match day 7 which comes up on Wednesday is going to tell the real story.

Match day six results:

Future Dream 2-0 Treviso FC

Kumba Lakers FC 2-0 Nkamanyi FI

Buea United FC 0-1 HO Academy FC

Dynamic FC 0-5 Continental

EEMSA 1-1 Little Foot FC

Tiko United FC 0-0 Ajax FC

Best Stars 3-1 ISOHSA

NQSA 0-3 Victoria United

Options SA 0-1 LIFCA

CUSA 1-1 Mount

Cameroon FC

Cinyodev FA 0-2

University of Buea FC

With holders PWD of Kumba, out, just Continental FA and LIFCA are set to make the mini Interpol of the teams last term as NQSA is going through a rough patch of their own.

Group A:

1 – Continental FA 15 pts

2- Buea United FC 9 pts

3- Prisons FC Buea 4 pts

4- HO Academy FC 6 pts

5- Dynamic FC 1 pts

Group B:

1- Cinyodev FA 9 pts

2- CUSA 7 pts

3- University of Buea FC 6 pts

4- Mount Cameroon FC 1 pts

Group C

1-LIFCA 7 pts

2-Options SA 4 pts

3-Future Stars SA(FUSSA) 0 pts

Group D

1 -Victoria United FC 8 pts

2 Best Starts 7 pts

3 ISOHSA 4 pts

4-NQSA 2 pts

Group E

1-Future Dreams 7 pts

2- Treviso FC 3 pts

3- NEMFA 1 pts

Group F

1-Nkamanyi FI 6 pts

2-Kumba Lakers FC 6 pts

3-Bau Manibok FC 0 pts

Group G

1-Tiko United 10 pts

2-Ajax FC Likumba 5 pts

3-Little Foot FC 3 pts

4-EEMSA 2 pts

The next round of games follow on Wednesday 18.

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