Diverse balls are used in soccer completions around the globe. Some of the balls used in football matches undergo checks.

Below are Some of the prominent balls used in football.


This caliber of ball is approved by FIFA. The ball is the most used in FIFA competitions due to the shape, air retention, performance, water absorption and flight.

Of recent the ball has been adopted as the official ball of the UEFA championship and Champions league, Cops America, Spanish Laliga, English premier league and several renowned professional football tournaments in developed countries.


They have similar materials to the premium match balls but the only difference is on the construction.

The ball is commonly used in high schools and colleges in European and America countries. They are approved by NFHS or NCAA.

NCAA balls are expected not to be more than 28 inches nor less than 27 inches.

The weight if the balls should not more than 16 ounces or below 14 ounces .The weight should not exceed 16.75 ounces even when wet and used.

The pressure of the ball should be 8.5 to 15.6 psi.

The ball must be spherical in shape and the outer casting must be leather or approved synthetic and no dangerous material be used in its construction. The ball can be made of different colors.


They are made to be extremely durable and due to this ,they van be used in diverged pitches.
The balls are generally good for any skill level.


The balls are fabricated to be more duration for the new generation turf and artificial grass fields .

Other types of balls used in different soccer games include; indoor balls, futsal balls, beach/ street balls, medicine balls and mini or skills balls.

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