Igor Nascimento speaking to the media

Former footballer and head of the installing committee of the Angolan Footballers Association ( SIFA), Igor Nascimento says the Angolan Football federation, Clubs, players and doctors need to work towards professionalism of football in Angola.

The appeals comes following the tragic demise of young striker, Fundo Martins during a football match in the neighborhood.

The ex-player call for Professionalism concerns all players in general, noting that football actors should be aware of their professional requirements and respect their individual club instructions.

He notes that the tragic death of Fundo Martins adds to a plethora of injuries recorded especially with players who have a promising professional football career.

He also recommended the players not to involve themselves with neighbourhood tournaments to avoid being exposed to injury.

Also, Igor Nascimento requested the Angolan Football Federation and Clubs to work towards ensuring the sport attains recognizable professionalism.

Doctors have been instructed to conduct effective examinations on players to avoid the risk of uncertainties.

Igor Nascimento speaking to the media

According to the head of the installing committee of the Angolan Footballers Association, all these recommendations will help safeguard and protect the health of players thereby putting life first and foremost.

Beng Emmanuel