Revealations from a shocking letter sent to the president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) by the National players Syndicate(SYNAFOC) have revealed that, 24 of the 33 Professional clubs in Cameroon for last season still owe their players huge sums of money, including Sign on Fees, Salaries for the entire season in some cases plus other bonuses.

The letter endorsed by the president of the boss of Footballers Syndicate in Cameroon (SYNAFOC),Geremi Njitap,a former UEFA Champions League winner with Real Madrid showed that last season,Just 6 of the 18 Top flight clubs and 3 of the 15 second tier club respected their financial commitments with players.

Cotonsport of Garoua,Eding Sport FC,Stade Renard of Melong,UMS of Loum,YOSA of Bamenda and Bamboutos FC of Mbouda are the League one Club that respected their financial commitments while Panthere,Dynamo of Douala and Lion Blesse of Fortuni did same in League Two.

Shockingly Historic names like TKC of Yaounde,Union Sportive of Douala,Canon of Yaounde all previous multiple League Champions and African Club competitions winners, plus Racing of Bafoussam, former club of the most cap player in Cameroon’s Football History,Rigobert Song and even Geremi Njitap not leaving out PWD of Bamenda owe the players huge outstanding sums of money.

This League one clubs still owe ranging from sign on fee to matches bonuses include;

1)TKC Yaounde
2) Dragon Yaounde
3) Unisport Bafang
4)AS Fortuna Mfou
5) Feutcheu FC Bandjoun
6)New Stars of Douala
7)Fovu of Baham
8)Union Sportive Douala
9)Astres of Douala
10)Colombe Dja
11)APEJES Mfou
12)Avion Nkam
13)PWD of Bamenda

Shockingly some of this Club’s are run by person’s who are supposed to be the pacesetters in Cameroon Football.

In League Two;

1) AS Matelots
2)National Polytechnic
3)Cosmos of Mbam
5)AS Etoa Meki
6)Canon Yaounde
7)Ngaoundere University
8)Bang Bullets FC
9)Renaissance FC
10)Racing Bafoussam
11)Aigle Royal
All owe players.

The SYNAFOC and FIFPro letter addressed to the Newly elected Federation Boss,Seidou Mbombo Njoya calls on Mr Njoya to quickly call on the clubs to respect their commitments and pay the players they owe for the 2017/2018 and the 2018/2019 seasons.

There is urgent need for check and balances to reduce if not completely wipe out this exploitation manifested by these clubs with bad Faith.

Angu Lesley
@angulesley on Twitter