Defending Champions Cotonsport on their way to Limbe

The return of the top flight championship in Cameroon is program for this weekend with 2017 champions,Eding Sport FC expected to host YOSA of Bamenda.

The build up to the New season has not been all serene with the different factions related in the championship issuing communiques and counter communiques.

Nevertheless Football Cameroonians remain hopeful that Football will return to the field sooner than later.

This special package takes a look at the activities of the club’s involved as at midday this Saturday January 26,2019.

Cotonsport of Garoua

The current champions of the league have left Yaounde on Saturday morning.The players squad of 18 plus technical and administrative staffs are heading to Limbe where they will face New Comers Avion of Nkam at the Limbe Centenary stadium on Sunday.The team made a brief stop in Douala before continuing their Journey to Limbe.

Defending Champions Cotonsport on their way to Limbe

The boys of coach Ebwelle Bertin have a training session on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM in Limbe.

UMS of Loum

2016 Champions and 2018 vice champions have had a practice Session this morning at the municipal Stadium in Loum.

The near full squad of players began training at 7 AM under the guidance of coach, Laurent Djam.
Captain,Joel Etogue and Midfielder,Victus Amougui missed the animated training session due to health reasons while New Signings, Fabrice Raymond Fotso and Mbiakop Kamga are still to return to Loum.

UMS is program to take on as Fortuna in their opening game of the season this weekend. But there are reports the club will rather face, Cotonsport’s opponents,Avion of Nkam in a friendly game on Sunday in Douala.

New Stars of Douala

New Stars of Douala is in their training base in Douala and will resume training on Monday as they continue to prepare for the New season.
The club will travel to Limbe next weekend.

YOSA of Bamenda

YOSA have had a routine practice session on Saturday morning in Bamenda.The training session ended at 12 midday with the players given a program to meet for the next training session on Tuesday morning.

A full squad of YOSA players guided by Long serving, Doumbe Bosso began training at 8:00 AM and carried out their usual activities.

YOSA is expected in Yaounde this Saturday. They are program to face Eding Sport FC at the Military stadium at 3:30 PM but their president,has published a release that the team wouldn’t travel travel to Yaounde in Solidarity with the Syndicate of Elite club president,SYCEC.

FOVU of Baham

The boys of coach Magloire Mfutila had a training session this morning at their base in the West as they prepare to host Astres of Douala as program on Sunday.The training session ended at Midday with parties involved deep in uncertainty about the weekend.

PWD social club of Bamenda

PWD had their last training session of the week yesterday, and the next training session is schedule for Tuesday. The doesn’t have licenses, so they are virtually not ready for tomorrow’s game.

Former PWD player,Jean Baptiste Toguem will guide PWD from the technical bench this season.

Apejes of Mfou

Apejes of Mfou is expected to be in Bamenda on Sunday but has gathered that the team will not travel to the North West for the game,in solidarity to the Syndicate.

Feutcheu FC of Djiko

The squad of 18 players have left  Bandjoun for Melong this Saturday morning.The squad of 18 players named by Richard Towa for his first game at the club includes 11 new players plus 7 old players.

Goalkeeper,Sadjio Eric will captain the the team this season.
Feutcheu FC face Stade Renard of Melong in their first fixture of the season this Sunday in Melong.This is a game likely to take place.

Stade Renard of Melong

The boys of coach,Soulemanou Aboubakar have had their last training session this Saturday morning beginning 7:00 AM at the their base in Melong as Aboubakar plots the downfall of his former club on Sunday in Melong.

A list of 18 players was released at 9:00 AM this morning for Sunday’s meeting against Feutcheu FC.

Captain Nkuissi Thomas and his mates have been told they will be notified about their team’s camping in the hours ahead.

Union Sportive of Douala

The club has been playing routine friendly games in preparation for the New season but have no definite program yet about their trip to Yaounde where they are expected to face returning TKC on Sunday.
The Union Sportive of Douala team is on a recess this Saturday and Sunday to resume training on Monday

Tonerre Kalara club

Coach Abah Onana is still to publish a list of 18 players who will meet in the Hotel later this Saturday for camping ahead of Sunday’s game in Yaounde against USD though there are indications USD is not preparing for a trip to Yaounde this weekend.
After yesterday’s training session,players where asked to go and waiting for alerts to report to where the team will camp.As at Midday this Saturday,the players are still waiting.

Avion Nkam FC

The newly promoted club has been involved in a series of friendly games as they prepare for the New Season.The club trained on Saturday morning at the Eneo complex in Ndokotti.

Inside sources say as at Saturday morning the club is not planning a trip to Limbe where they are program to face Cotonsport.

Rather gathered that the club will face UMS of Loum in a friendly game on Sunday in Douala.

Avion Nkam have released a request sent to the league asking for their game against Cotonsport to be postponed to a later date.

Colombe Dja

The club is in to Limbe, they are supposed to face New Stars of Douala on Sunday.The 18 man squad published by coach Charlemagne Mbongo will have a practice session in Limbe before Sunday’s expected game.

Astres of Douala

The club’s players have been boycotting training as a unit for over two weeks now.Some players say financial obligations owed them by the club is the reason why they have decided to stop raining.

Eding Sport FC

Eding Sport FC’s president Saint Fabien Mvogo is on record to have told the media this week that,if YOSA come to Yaounde his club will play the game and otherwise they will also be in Solidarity with the Union (SYCEC)


Military stadium in Yaounde at 2PM this Saturday


AS Fortuna

AS Fortuna under Coach,Max Raymond Makongo have has a serene preparation but their visitor’s and opponents in match day 1,UMS of Loum will not be traveling to Yaounde especially given that UMS they have announced a friendly game tomorrow in Douala.

Unisport of Bafang

The club is not involved in match day one.The calendar placed the club Standby in Match day 1.

Dragon of Yaounde

They are equally on Standby in match day 1.

The growing uncertainty about this Saturday’s kick off due to the persistent demand by the club’s syndicate to have general assembly before the league begins while the League management body insists on organizing the General assembly in February.

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