After Foe and Tiote happened in 2003 and 2017 respectively, an African player have collapsed and passing away on very few occasions.

30-year-old Herman Tsinga who plays for first-tier side, Akanda F.C out there in Gabon, is reported dead. He died on Saturday, 2 of March just after the second day of action in the League.

The impeccable ball carrier downed the jersey number 10 for his team, and he dazzled the fans of Akanda F.C with his skills on the ball, before he fell awkwardly in the the 23 minute of play after a clash of head’s in the game pitting Akanda FC against Missile FC.

It leaves the Gabonese football fans in-between the devil and the deep blue sea; a question of, if the league would continue or not. It is only this February after 8 months that the league came back to live courtesy to a new sponsors-Gabon oil company.

An abortive attempt to save the players life was made to no avail. He died upon his transfer to Owendo CHU.

As per statistics this is the 7 time in 12 years it is happening; the league averages a death or more every season. extend deepest condolences to well wishers and family members.

Giovanni Wanneh.