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The head coach of the U17 lionesses of Cameroon, Stephane Ndzana Ngono, has called to camp 30 players, to prepare for the qualifiers for the FIFA U17 women’s world cup, scheduled for India in 2020.

The first training camp will run from Wednesday January 22nd to January 31st, in Yaoundé. Coach Stephane Ndzana has summoned Four goalkeepers, eight defenders, 10 midfielders and eight attackers.

Brenda Tabe speaking to

Prominent amongst the players called, is 15_year_old A.S AWA FF forward, Brenda Tabe, who has scored 15 goals for her club in 12 games this season and vision sports’ defender, Maague Mariane Ines.

Maague Mariane Ines, defender of Vision Sports FC Bamenda



Michaely Bihina (Éclair de Sa’a)

Kana Eleonor Georgette (Lekie d’Obala)

Waissode Diana Crescence (Benoue FF Garoua)

Yaoundé Amine (ANAFOOT)


Layou Rose (Lekie d’Obala)

Nkada Nkada Saturne Diane (Lekie d’Obala)

Ngambe Ladifatou Adjidja (A.S Patriotes)

Ngaseh Mbele Bernadette (A.S Patriotes)

Maague Mariane Ines (Vision Sports FC)

Roukayatou Montahpenboura (Azur De Yaoundé)

Léandra Yedjou Yaelle (Athletique De Figuil)

Alice René Bo (Benoué FF De Garoua)


Mfoujou Vessah Amina (Louves MINPROFF)

Nfonke Dibango Nahida Lorelle (Lekie d’Obala)

Tabifor Bih Sarah (Louves MINPROFF)

Ndome Mbella Elise (Louves MINPROFF)

Keumedjio Melya (Lekie d’Obala)

Ngock Monique (Éclair De Sa’a)

Mbiandji Suzie (ANAFOOT)

Njock Pouhe Nicole (A.S Lifa De Yaoundé)

Tchakam Tchameni Fleurette (Ebolowa FF)

Yanga Linsy (Adef De Yaoundé)


Nnanga Ebolo (Canon FF)

Nke Nouma (Boston De Yaoundé)

Tabe Brenda Ebika (AWA FC De Yaoundé)

Wabeua Doly Diane (Éclair De Sa’a)

Ndjel Kelly (Adef De Yaoundé)

Sema Dany (Caïman De Douala)

Diba Songue Odile (Caïman De Douala)

Tsogo Eteme Xaverie ( FAP De Yaoundé)

Only players born on or after 1 January 2003, are eligible to compete in the tournament. Three teams will qualify to represent CAF in competition. Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and south Africa were exempted from the preliminary round of qualifiers.

The 7th edition of the FIFA U17 women’s world cup will take place in India between the 2nd and 21st November 2020.



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