The North Region has obtained it’s four teams to be involved in a min tournament to fight for, ticket to represent the region at the national Interpol’s: National FC, Etoile Filante FC, Adjia FC and Sagaie FC are the chosen teams. The four teams would play from June 12 to June 19 at the Coton Sport of Garoua complex in Djoumassi.

All four clubs would be merged in one pole and a maximum of 3 games would be played to get the highest point accumulator who would then represent the North in the up coming Interpol.

Cameroon is already looking back at a wonderful local football season they had from the League 1 and League 2 with newly crowned champions UMS (League 1), and Panthere of Nde, League 2 winners, accompanied with the enviable tag of an Elite 1 club.

All is not decided. We are at the business end of the regional championship of which at the end 3 clubs would be testing their weights with second-tier sides come 2020.

The National Interpol has become even more competitive given the high level of competition teams like Leopard and A.S FAP showed, only just! Desperately missing out of League 1 tickets which would have given both sides a back-to-back lift from the national Interpol’s to the countries first-tier.