Barely a week after the National Arbitration and consiliatory chambers condemned Union Sportive of Douala to pay the sum of 6 825 000 FCFA to Bruno Joseph Eock II, upon proper investigation understands this is the genesis of the matter.

In 2012, Enock signed a three year contract with Union of Douala. He suffered a knee injury in July 2015 in one of the club’s league outing but unfortunately, he didn’t receive enough assistance from the club and as a result, he went for four months unpaid. Not taking his unpaid salary to consideration, the player signed another contract with same club, this time around for two years. During a training with Union, Enock had a malaise as a result of poor medical attention. His family made several futile attempts to help him out and as result, the player had to give up on his football career.
In January 2017, he wrote to SYNAFOC, complaining that he had neither received his contract signature allowance nor his salary from the club and he is unable to continue with the club because of his injury.

The syndicate contacted Union of Douala in a bid to seek a solution to the problem posed by the player and on the 26th of June 2017, a Memorandum of understanding was signed between the player, Union of Douala and SYNAFOC wherein the player refused the payment of all his bonuses and salary and asked for just the sum of 4000 dollars, equivalent to 2,350,000 the exact sum demanded by the Indian hospital he and the club had booked for his treatment.
Union of Douala was given 15 days to pay the money, without which they will be obliged to pay the bonuses and salary denounced by the player. The club failed to pay in the money even after several attempts. In an appeal dated 31 October 2017, player channeled his problem to FECAFOOT who after a very long procedure reached the final decision.

It should be noted that a similar case awaits multiple clubs at the same court in the days ahead.

Aigle Royal of Menoua against Folhe Godstine Junior, Ngalebe Ndongo against Colombe of Dja are some of the multiple cases.