Coach Charlemagne Mbongo and his foot soldiers clash with PWD of Bamenda this weekend in their second consecutive away game of the new season.

8 of the 18 players picked by the coach for this one were with the club last season and one of the performers of the season,Djob Lidjoh is now the captain and proved his worth in the last game against New Stars.

Coach Mbongo’s boys are already at their base in the North region of Cameroon.

There is one change in the squad as former Dragon Yaounde and Union Sportive Douala forward Mimong Donald has come in for the first time,he takes the place of El Kass Pameli.

Here is a complete list of the players for Tomorrow’s game by position plus their Nationality;

1- Fokeu Yannick-Gk🇨🇲

2- Gwet Abe-Gk🇨🇲

3- Ndoumban Sylvain-CB🇹🇩
4- Etoukey Jean Daniel-CB🇨🇲

5- Djob Lidjoh Bienvenue(CB)🇨🇲(C)

6- Mimong Donald(MF)🇨🇲

7- Ngansop Yvean(LB)🇨🇲

8- Man Ykre(FW)🇨🇲

9- Moussingue Réné(FW)🇨🇲

10- Alim Boubakari (RB)🇨🇲

11- Ebanda Joël(RB)🇨🇲

12- Mezui Boris(MF)🇨🇲

13- Mandjongui (FW)🇨🇲

14- Boukar Geuime (FW)🇨🇲

15- Njock Thierry(MF)🇨🇲

16- Landry Mfou’ou(MF)🇨🇲

17- Ze Yomo (MF)🇨🇲

18- Bangda (FW)🇨🇲

Colombe’s forward, Junior Lionel Bangda has had a good start to life in the top flight with two goals to his credit on debut.

Coach Mbongo previously served as coach of New Stars eternal rivals,Astres of Douala.