Union Movement Sportive of Loum will welcome AS Fortuna at the Loum Municipal stadium during match day 9 of the Cameroon top tier Championship this weekend but will be without 4 goals forward,Willy Nnameji who has been suspended this week for squabbles generated by his controversial move to Eding Sport FC last year.

The present Group B leaders are upbeat, they will maintain their top spot against AS Fortuna who are aiming for a place amongst the top three.
UMS of Loum have always faced stiff opposition from AS Fortuna in the league.Fortuna is still unbeaten in 3 meetings against last season’s vice champions.


The previous encounters between both teams have been one sided with Fortuna standing tall over UMS with two wins in 3.

UMS of Loum and A.S Fortuna have had three encounters in Cameroon’s first division championship and are heading for the fourth.

They were only able to pick up a point from Fortuna this season.
AS fortuna have been dominate against UMS. They have won 2 of their last 3 encounters against UMS of Loum.


AS Fortuna 2-1 UMS of Loum

UMS Loum 0-1 AS Fortuna

AS Fortuna 1-1 UMS Loum


UMS of Loum have had a good run in the League one season this Season.

They are currently league leaders of group B with 12 points after 8 matches this season. They have recorded 3 wins,3 draws and 2 defeats.

UMS of Loum have won just one of their 3 home matches scoring twice.
Their last home game against Fortuna ended in a victory for the visitors last year.They could get justice for themselves at home and also extend their lead in group B.

On their part, AS fortuna have been quite inconsistent when playing away. In this campaign they have won just one of their last 4 away matches.
They have lost just one away match against Stade Renard in which they failed to score.
Interestingly,AS Fortuna have scored at least in all of their away matches this season.
After 8 matches,they can boost of 2 wins,3 draws and 3 defeats.

Players to watch
UMS will begin life without their top scorer Willy Nnameji but can count on forward Raymond Fotso.The striker have scored once this season but he could have done more,the precision of Nicolas Abanda’s passes in the midfield will also be key while for Fortuna,they will be counting on Ndzie Nnomo to provide the usual spark in the final third and why not add to his 1 goal this season.


The clash between UMS of Loum and Fortuna could see a shakeup In group B.
UMS go into the game with a win to keep them at the top of group B.

A win could open a gap between them and the chasing pack of Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda and Stade Renard of Melong.
On the contrary ,a defeat for UMS of Loum will give an opportunity for Astres ,Feutcheu,YOSA, Stade Renard to close the gap at the top.

AS Fortuna ranked 6th In group B are aiming for a win in order to get close to the top three clubs currently occupied by UMS,YOSA and Stade Renard of Melong.
However a draw of defeat to UMS will entail a drop in their ranking and a potential threat for their survival. They could end up as far as tailing group B.

A victory is therefore imminent for both teams. This makes the encounter very interesting.

Beng Emmanuel
(Emmanuel Beng on Twitter)