Eding Sport FC

As much as the fight for playoffs places are intensifying, it is safe to say that the league is slowly but surely becoming more realistic, and the line that is drawn between the haves and the have nots is becoming even bigger, so Unisport of Bafang and Eding sport in this light would have to try to keep in touch with those above them, when they face each other come Sunday, March 18, 2019.

Head to Head

The Cameroon cup holders have stepped their foot off the gas pedal on the back of a wonderful season, and they really need to be concerned as Unisport has the upper hand in this one, winning 2, separating on level terms on 3 occasions, and loosing 2 times to Eding

2016: Unisport 0-0 Eding

2016: Eding sport 2-1 Unisport

2017: Unisport 0-0 Eding

2017: Eding Eding 0-2 Unisport

2018: Eding 1-3 Unisport

2018 Unisport 0-0 Eding

Unisport of Bafang have not lost a home game in the past 3 encounters they have played in this tie at home, and when ever Unisport receives Eding the scoreline turns to end 0-0_ironically a Unisport finding it difficult to score at the moment have put 6 in their previous 6 against Eding.

Recent form

These two did not start the season as they would have wanted but Eding most especially would be wondering what has hit them. Unisport are bottom of the pile with 5 points, while Eding is their closest competitor for that spot with just two points separating them.


A win for Eding or Unisport might just act as that little bit of twist into the tale heading into the second round of the competition. A win for either side would lift them from the drop zone, depending on what happens with the other sides; Eding sport with a win would have the chance of going up to 10 points in pole B while a win for Unisport would give them a breather as they would be one better off than their opponents on the day.

Players to watch

These club’s have got real talents, but the lads have not shown up the way their fans would have wanted them to do. Unisport of Bafang would look up to their lone goal scorer of the season, Terence Ngakam to bring in some magic, and try to follow up with another goal as he did against A.S Fortuna.

It is quite shocking to see Eding sport suffer in the type of way they are doing given the profile of the players they posses, you wouldn’t want the whole team to get to steam, but a player like Alphonse Marie Tientcheu could be really difficult to stop when galloping upfront to help in the attack, and also defending.

History of the club’s

Unisport of Bafang is the older of the two, created as far back as 1959, going ahead to win the Elite 1 in 1996 and the Cameroon cup in 2012.

Eding have done more than expected for a club created in 2012, winning the Elite 1 in 2017 and the Cameroon cup of 2018.


The Melong municipal stadium does not have the best of turf’s, but it isn’t the worst either. Going by the statistics, the stadium might not witness a goal on that day, something that has been the case with Unisport lately.

Giovanni wanneh.