Union Sportive of Douala players walking off the pitch

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, kick442.com – Cameroon

Kick442.com got the reactions of over a dozen players after FECAFOOT’s organising committee postponed all leagues in accordance to P.M. Joseph Dion Ngute’s release earlier on March 17, 2020, all as measures to stop the wide spread of the Coronavirus.

Players have reacted in different ways, including a player at Cameroon’s first-tier side AS Fortuna who made a somewhat hilarious but catchy statement:”now that the Championship has been halted, Presidents who do not pay us, would not look at us now.”

Every other player now has a preoccupation. Dragon FC’s youngster Alexandre Soppo who depended on scraps from match and training bonuses, would now head home so he can at least have food to eat:”it’s a huge disappointed. Some of us lived on training and match bonuses. I would head home, as I can’t find what to eat at the moment.”

For Union Sportif of Douala’s young defender Che Malone, most players would go out of shape especially as some do not have the habit to do individual workouts: “now we have nothing doing, and many of us will become weak because not everyone will be training personally. Training and not playing discourages a player,” USD’s center half ended.

In the camp of Panthere of Bangante, kick442.com caught up with midfield maestro Tamatie Robert and David Lee Kokolome. For Tamatie who has scored four goals this second half of the season, it is going to be unusual not playing football: “its a bizarre fact and the boredom would be massive especially as we do not know when we are going to resume,” a speech his teammate Kokolome subscribed to.

Elite One’s top goalscorer Leon Boyomo of PWD is absolutely livid and hopes a twist of faith is at the corner to get things back to normal: “I am touched, because I wanted to continue to pursue my objectives.”

It is all out football or nothing as at this point in time for Bamboutos’ center-half Aurélien Etame Ngombe ” I don’t do any other thing aside football at this point in time, so it is going to be difficult for me.”

Eding Sport FC defender Yves Alain Dooh Mokoko mentioned that it is terrible to be in the current situation, but the players have no choice giving the actual health condition.

Eric Api, who has been omnipresent in Astres FC’s dominance in the Elite 2 just wished to get done and dusted with the league before all these: “we are forced to go home without doing what we love, especially for my club that are left with two matches to be officially handed the trophy,” lamented the right back.

Mbogamy Romy of Ngoundere FC equally pointed out that he would have loved to finish the season in one piece but the situation is more than a handful.

In all what these players said, there was a statement that kept on repeating at the tail end. All the abovementioned players spoke of personal workouts while awaiting the full resumption of the leagues.

Cameroon’s Elite One is left with six more days while Elite 2 has just two more match days before the closing remarks of the first and second-tier in the country.

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