The Limbe Centenary stadium was filled with the yellow and green emblem of Yong Sports Academy as a group of experts led by deputy Under 23 coach, Sampabum Kenneth Sama – searched for talents this Friday.

League 1 side Yong Sports Academy, who were on the hunt for young players plying their trade in the Southwest  from the beginning of the season, have picked up 15 Southwest Regional league players to add some youthfulness to their ageing squad ahead of the new football season.

A number of 15 players were selected from different clubs, the most prominent coming from ; EEMSA, Buea United, LIFCA, PWD Kumba, Continental F.A and ISOHSA. The selections began from the very start of the season. A group of about 40 players that made the trip to the Centenary stadium and had to impress special scout on the day, coach Sama Kenneth who is also the Cameroon U-23 assistant coach and ANAFOOT Northwest coach.

Two games were played by the lads for a 30 by 2 time system proposed by the scouting team. The first game between team green and team yellow ended on a parity while team yellow won team green in the second game by 2-0 on the day.

List below;

Ngah Kingsley Ashu CINYODEV FA

Nomen Felix Continental FA

Abang Tiku

Besumbu Hofhala

Boris Kache-Little Foot FC

Ebonge Bertrand-Continental FA

Djokam Jimmy-Buea United

Dohnda Randing

Adolf Sama-LIFCA

Namse Kelsen-PWD Kumba

Moses Itua-PWDKumba

Mbumgkah Robert

Enow Samuel

Abaneh Bibish- PWD Kumba

Ngeh Beligine-EEMSA Tiko

PWD Kumba contributed 3 players (the most from a single club). It wasn’t a big surprise giving the well structured side that lifted the Southwest championship against all odds.

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The massage from the scouting team was clear; do not be discouraged even if you are not selected today, work hard and you would get something better.

YOSA narrowly missed out on a spot of the League 1 playoffs last season. The stakeholders have thought it wise to revamp and bring in fresh blood to a side whose disciplinary track record last season was not the best due to the star studded squad they had.