Herve Ngono Eloundou signing contract before Renard officials


Since the end of last season, Clubs have been scouting to reinforce their squads for the new season.

So far it has been a relatively quiet transfer window with most of the club’s not yet into serious business.

Clubs in CAF club competitions viz UMS and Stade Renard have been most busy in the market. In the last week Union Sportive of Douala have been doing deals bringing in some experienced players.

In all the following players have switched club:

1) Herve Ngono Eloundou– From AS FAP to Stade Renard of Melong

2)Katche Boris–From Little Foot FC to Eding Sport de la Lakie

3)Din Guillaume–Dragon Yaounde to UMS Loum

4)Simo Berteau–Astres of Douala to Stade Renard of Melong

5)Christian Donald Tchawa(Forward) –Unisport of Bafang to Stade Renard of Melong

6)Samuel Ebongue Ekwalla(Defender)APEJES of Mfou to UMS of Loum

7)Brice Owona Ngah(Forward/Midfielder) APEJES of Mfou to UMS Loum

8)Christian Bidebeleg(Defender) Fovu of Baham to Stade Renard of Melong

9)Ntebeu Leonel(Midfielder) Fovu of Baham to Canon Yaounde

10) Serge Diguel (Goalkeeper) From YOSA to USD

11)Romeo Otodjibaye(Midfielder) From YOSA to USD

12)Eyoum Conrade Christian (TPM to USD)

13) Serge Andoulo (Defender) Cotonsport to USD

14)Anteh Frankline ( Midfielder) Unisport to USD

More of these transfers will happen before the beginning of the new season in Cameroon.