FECAFOOT Office in Tsinga-Yaounde

The  World Football governing body has once again written to the Cameroon Football Federation( FECAFOOT) asking the latter to seek lasting solutions to the issues of players unpaid salaries and bonuses raised some months back by the Syndicate of Professional Footballers (SYNAFOC) in collaboration with FIFPro in Cameroon.

The new letter denounces the use of personnel’s whose clubs are owing players to investigate and address the matter thus disregarding the reports sent to FIFA earlier on by commission of inquiry which was led by president Faustin Domkeu of New Stars of Douala,one of the club’s allegedly owing players for months.

FIFA has given it’s Cameroon affiliate, FECAFOOT till May 31st to provide definite measures to sort out the issue through the right persons.

A report published by SYNAFOC earlier this year indicated that 24 of the League  1 & 2 clubs in Cameroon for the 2018/2019 seasons still owe players either accumulated salaries or bonuses or sign on fees.

It is the second time that FIFA is referring this case to the federation with another deadline time around being May 31st 2019.