One of the most respected players in the history of Zambian Football, Christopher Katongo who was serving as deputy coach of Zambian side,Green Buffaloes has been sacked by the top flight club.

The shocking decision arrived at on Tuesday is reportedly provoked by the fact that,Chris stood for the players rights and supported in their campaign to ask the club to pay their accrued unpaid allowances and Salaries.

It remains difficult to understand how someone in the National defense like Chris whose role away from the assistant coaching job he had a Green Buffaloes, is to protect life and property is sacked because he protected the interest of players.Katongo is a military official in Zambia.

Katongo and the head coach,Bilton Musonda have been sacked.The two coaches express their support for their players who asking for unpaid allowances dating back to last season when the club was involved in Continental competitions.
Head coach Musonda has been replaced by Charles Bwale.

Angu Lesley

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