Cameroon international defensive midfielder, Petrus Boumal has made amends for having made the headlines for the wrong reasons some days back. After the ousting of the indomitable Lions from an eventful AFCON 2019 that ended, audios of Boumal making very strong accusations against the coach went viral. 

The 26-year-old has been lurking in-and-around the senior team since 2017 but was gutted not to have made the AFCON 2019 squad after being called up in a shortlist of 37. The Ural Yekaterinburg man has blamed several factors for his behavior, and reminded fans that he is not the worst person on planet earth.

A latest voice note circulating on social media had the player saying:”a true man is he who recognises his wrongs and begs for forgiveness”.

We are all humans, we make mistakes at times. We unconciosly do wrong things to some people who have helped us. I was gripped by anger and deception“.

It all started in the middle of one of the Lions’ game, returning from a trip I had a low battery by 10 pm and someone close to Joel Epale explained to me why I was not chosen in the final list via voice note”.

The voice note hurt me. I knew there were some players that I seriously doubted after not being selected”.

My anger was based on the fact that I wasn’t selected even the preliminaries of 28″.

The midfielder went on “I know who I am, I am not the type of person to break or use a knife on another”.

I replied with anger. I told him some certain things I wasn’t supposed to say because of anger, and I am sorry if it hurt some people. If it did, I am asking for forgiveness at this moment because that does not resemble or define me. It was mostly because I travelled, the fatigue from camp and emotions took over me. Human beings are bound to make errors. Please ! To all I’ve wronged, accept this apology”.

There is yet to be an official statement my FECAFOOT on the player’s outrageous rant a couple of days back. The main person he took aim at (Clarence Seedorf), has already had his belongings flung out of Cameroon (he was sacked on July 16).