Ngwa Remy


The quarter finals of the mini-interpools in the Northwest region has closed its page with Rainbow FC as one of the survivors.

The defending champions of the northwest region are back camping and tracking lines of maintaining the crown.

After their qualification, catched up with head coach of the team Ngwa REMY Bashia in an exclusive interview where he reiterated their quest for representing the northwest again.

“Qualifying for the semi final is actually what we worked for. We had to go one match at a time and now we will prepare better for the next stage. We are preparing the players psychologically and mentally towards this stage. We make them understand that our objective is to represent the region again”.

“We are still aiming for an elite two ticket. It failed last year but this year is a different year. As per the scores obtained in the field, we are to play against SIMAF at the semis.”

Rainbow FC in the last season was unstoppable in the Northwest, however, this season was not as good. In the lights of the difficulties they faced, seeked to know if Ngwa Remy and his boys are afraid of any team in the competition and this was his answer;

Not at all, not at all, not at all. We prepare every game according to the strength of the opponent. Every game has its psychological preparation. The way we faced Grassland will not be the same way we will face maybe SIMAF”.

“I believe that as we move into the competition, it gets thoupher but we are not afraid of any team. If you have to become champions, you should be able to face any team”

About the modalities of playing against SIMAF, coach Remy thinks that;

SIMAF has a swift team with young players as well as Rainbow FC. After watching them play in four of their games, I just need to go back to my drawing board and see the kind of tactical moves I can make to face them. May I repeat this, we are not afraid of any team. The game plan we used against Grassland will not be the same against SIMAF but we are up to the task.

Rainbow’s camp now is characterized by lots of moves that can bring forth a better result come Sunday 30th at the semi final.

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