The Northwest Regional Playoffs was into it’s semi finals first leg Sunday July 7th with all two matches on program.

Rainbow FC 2#1 Universal Soccer Academy

Coach Ngwa Remy and Soh Simplis of Rainbow FC and Universal Soccer Academy respectively made changes to their lineup’s as both teams went in for attacking options. At the start of the match, Rainbow controlled possession of the ball but it was Universal Soccer Academy that had three clear cut chances to take the lead but captain Nche Benafa squandered all the chances.
In response, Rainbow FC’s MacGregor Veralolt benefitted from a goalkeeper error to give his side the lead.
In the second half, another defensive error gave Awallu Sale Mohammadu a one on one chance which he slotted pass goalkeeper Teneng Taku to make it 2#0.

Minutes later, Menseh Fru reduced scores for Universal Soccer Academy who then started creating opportunities but that’s how the match will end.

Speaking to shortly after the match, Ngwa Remy of Rainbow FC acknowledged that it was a difficult game but regretted the numerous chances his side wasted. He said his team will continue to improve in front of goal.
For coach Soh Simplis, the match is still very open and everything will be played for during the 2nd leg.

Foncha Street FC 1#1 Hilltop Strikers

A match described as that of the favourites against the underdogs. Foncha Street FC failed to impress in front of Hilltop Strikers who had just eleven players on the match form.
Foncha Street FC took the lead in the first half of the match from the penalty spot.
With their objective to stop Foncha Street FC from implementing their play style, the strikers from the hill benefited from lack of communication between the defenders of Foncha Street and their goalkeeper to level scores. That’s how the match will remain at the blast of the final whistle.

Foncha Street FC will now have everything to play for should they want to maintain their favorites status.

The 2nd leg matches comes up on Sunday July 14th 2019 at the Unity Stadium of The University of Bamenda.

Nji Nelson Chefor